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Finest Berry Group

About Us

Bringing the Finest Farmers and Retailers Together

Finest Berry Group is a company dedicated to farmers and retailers alike. We are a young, 
enthusiastic team dedicated to providing the best services to our clients.

Our objective is to help farmers sell their produce at the best possible price, and retailers to get the
best value while passing it to the consumer. Our core values are transparency and honesty.

Our team brings their 15+ years of expertise in the berry market, having worked extensively in
countries such as Great Britain, Romania, and other EU countries. We are assisting and guiding
farmers and retailers to reach their objectives.

How we work

Finest Berry Group brings together farmers, growing both conventional and organic berries from around the world with retailers, thus shortening the chanel of distribution in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Finest Farmers

Our farmers love what they do. They strive so that their produce is of the highest quality, tending their family farms with great care and in a responsible manner.

Finest Quality of Organic Fruit

From selecting the best varieties to harvesting the first fruits and onwards, our farmers are careful
that all requirements of the organic and Global GAP/ GRASP certification are tediously met, thus
making sure the consumers enjoy both tasty and healthy produce.

Efficient Delivery

The fruits are quickly brought to cool packaging houses where they are sorted, packed, and prepared to be delivered to you fresh and in time.


Organic Certification, Global G.A.P. and G.R.A.S.P.

For Retailers

We offer a direct and transparent contract between client and farmer. The process is clear and uncomplicated.

Our Availability

We let you know our estimations of availability at the beginning of the season.

The Request

You communicate with us your need for produce

Your Interest

You express your estimated quantities for the season

The Produce

The farmers prepare the order, after confirming the reception you will make the payment.

For Farmers

1. The Order

Finest Berry informs you about the order, ensuring paperwork is done correctly and in time.

2. The Preparation

You, the farmer, prepare the order for the client. And with our help, we set in place the best-organized logistics.

3. The Delivery

The orders are delivered to the client, and they send a confirmation upon the reception of the goods.

4. The Payment

You issue the invoice directly to the client, and the client pays it directly to you, with no intermediaries.

5. The Cost

No upfront cost, only a success-based commission from you – as established in the contract.

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Cluj-Napoca, Romania